Timac Agro launches Nemastop to tackle nematodes in Brazil

Besides performing the primary function of nourishing plants, a first-of-its-kind fertilizer, Nemastop, which acts against nematodes has been launched in Brazil. The fertilizer protects plants from damages and losses caused by the parasite. Nemastop protects the rhizosphere naturally, which is the region where the soil and roots of plants connect with each other, and is an important ally for integrated plague management in the control of nematodes.
Nematodes penetrate the roots of plants to feed and reproduce, hampering the absorption of water and nutrients, causing thickening of the roots, yellow spots, lower productivity and even the death of the plants.
Professor Pedro Soares, a nematology expert from Paulista State University in Franca de Jaboticaba, São Paulo (Unvesp), observes that nematodes are among the major challenges for rural producers. “They are a silent threat, because they occur naturally in the soil and affect all types of crops,” he said.
He explained that during the tests, conducted in partnership with Unvesp, a direct action against the juvenile and adult nematode eggs was observed. “This procedure reduces their initial population on the roots, improves the sanity of the root system, reflecting a larger plant development and better crop productivity,” he added.
The product was launched by Timac Agro, a French multinational that has subsidiaries in more than 50 countries. It specializes in the production and sales of fertilizers. The company has been operating in Brazil since 1997, and so far, has produced solid fertilizers in the cities of Candeias (state of Bahia), Santa Luzia do Norte (State of Alagoas) and Rio Grande (State of Rio Grande do Sul).