Tundra launches glyphosate-based product Gliforte in Brazil

Tundra Agroindustrial has announced the launch of Gliforte, a glyphosate-based, water soluble powder, in the Brazilian market. The formulation simplifies preparation, lowers cost, and reduces the dose of glyphosate required.
Higher effectiveness and low quantities of the product reduce the possibility of soil contamination and residue on the planted crops, say the manufacturers. Laboratory experiments have shown that the glyphosate powder is capable of reducing up to 30% of  environmental contamination.

Furthermore, Gliforte is the only herbicide based on glyphosate in which the chemical ingredient is present in the form of acid and not salt, as seen in all other herbicides. This reduces production costs.
Finally, Gliforte does not produce spume, a typical complaint made by farmers, compared to granulated herbicides.