Valagro launches water-soluble fertilizers in China

V alagro said it launched its water-soluble fertilizers, Master Supreme, to the Chinese market at the NCIC Global Specialty Fertilizer Convention.

Master Supreme is a new solution created by Valagro, that is able to provide a guaranteed nutritional and biostimulant effect. Master Supreme water-soluble fertilizers line has a high quality and purity and is enriched with biologically active compounds such as Ascophyllum nodosum extracts and humich compouds. These new formulations are the result of exclusive GeaPower technology (GEA 582) and guarantee greater and more efficient crop nutrition, naturally stimulating the physiological processes of the plant,ensuring quantitative and qualitative increase in production. The Master Supreme line offers five different solutions to ensure the correct supply of nutrients and biologically active substances in every phase of vegetative-productive development.
Derek Fang, Country Manager of Valagro (Shanghai) Trading said, “Our Master Supreme Line can meet successfully the needs of the Chinese farmers. Often the Chinese agriculture is affected by nutritional imbalance during farmers planting. While using water-soluble fertilizers, more and more farmers begin to accept humic acid and seaweed fertilizer. All these above contributes to rise the demand for products which combine organic and inorganic fertilizer together in order to ensure a growing effective and sustainable nutrition to the crops. Also, this is in line with the demand for a growing sustainability in agriculture set by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture (MOA): in fact within 2020 the MOA want to improve the fertilizer use efficiency by achieving over 40% of the fertilizer efficiency rate (+7% over 2013)”.