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Veranova and Phorum.AI Partner to Deliver Generative AI Chemistry Optimization to the Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industry

Veranova and Phorum.AI announced today that they are collaborating on next-generation optimization of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes using artificial intelligence (AI)

Building on years of research and experimentation by Phorum.AI co-founder and MIT Professor of Chemistry, Brad Pentelute, Phorum.AI is deploying generative AI systems to help biopharmaceutical companies rapidly develop optimized manufacturing processes that can reduce costs, speed development timelines, and reduce environmental footprint.

The parties will leverage Veranova’s extensive empirical manufacturing dataset, developed over 20 years of manufacturing a portfolio of owned active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) drug master files (DMFs), and Phorum.AI’s market-leading expertise in generative AI to develop a tool that will enable development of optimized manufacturing processes in a fraction of the time versus historical methods.

“Phorum.AI and Veranova have the potential to create a step change in the quality and development efficiency of pharmaceutical processing”, said Mike Riley, CEO of Veranova. “We are delighted to partner with a leading AI technology innovator to be able to offer our clients a new capability that has the potential to develop optimized manufacturing processes at an accelerated pace.”

Phorum.AI, founded in 2023 by Pentelute and David Shrier, CEO of venture studio Visionary Future LLC, has already developed a functional computational chemistry engine that is producing real-world optimization of pharmaceutical manufacturing, building on a proprietary AI model, data set, and data factory.

“By partnering with Veranova, a worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing APIs, we are able to more rapidly scale our market footprint and create greater impact sooner”, Dan Chinnapen, CEO of Phorum.AI, adding “We are excited to reduce time to market and mitigate costs for much-needed therapeutics”.

The two companies are collaborating on a commercial partnership that enables Veranova clients to benefit from an integrated scale-up solution powered by Phorum.AI’s technology. 

About Veranova

Veranova is a global leader in process development and the manufacturing of APIs, with a focus on specialty and complex products. Veranova is headquartered in Wayne, PA and has operations in North America and Europe. For more information, please visit

About Phorum.AI
Phorum is changing the world of biopharmaceuticals, delivering the potential for an exponential reduction in cost and time for pharmaceuticals manufacturing, and enabling life-saving therapies to reach more patients. Founded in 2023, Phorum.AI combines world-class chemistry and biopharmaceuticals expertise with world-leading AI knowledge and delivery track record. See additional information at Phorum.AI.