Materials Science

Vertellus presents ZeMac Link NP at NPE

A new and patent pending additive technology developed by Vertellus allows compounders and molders to reduce costs and boost sustainability efforts while integrating previously incompatible materials into their alloys. During NPE 2018, May 7-11, Vertellus is introducing ZeMac Link NP, a compatibilizer additive that permits the inclusion of nylon and polyester materials – including recycled and post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate (r-PET) – in the alloy production process.

Effective at very low levels, ZeMac Link NP provides a cost-effective approach for combining virgin nylon and r-PET materials. ZeMac Link NP is well suited for use in a breadth of alloy applications including office furniture, fasteners, hand tools, outdoor equipment, textile bobbins and automotive accessories such as hubcaps. ZeMac Link NP allows lower cost post-industrial and post-consumer polyesters to be included in alloy compounds, supporting sustainability initiatives. Glass fibre, minerals and impact modifiers may also be used with ZeMac Link NP.  

“As compounders and molders seek to cost-effectively improve material performance while boosting sustainable production processes, ZeMac Link NP provides an innovative and cost-effective solution for including recycled nylon and r-PET materials with virgin nylon in various alloys,” said Prasad Taranekar, Marketing Manager at Vertellus.