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Ypso-Facto invests €1 million in chemical and biotech process software

Ypso-Facto, a company specializing in the design of chemical and biotechnological processes, announces today an additional investment of €1M for software development over the next 12 months. This comes following a €500k grant from Bpifrance (the French Public Investment Bank) and the Grand Est Region the company received as part of the ‘Investments for the Future Program’.

The new investment will be used to further develop Ypso-Proxima, the company’s existing general process design and evaluation software, by addressing the needs of the various players in the fine chemicals and biotechnology sectors. The software will enable users to combine experimental information with numerical simulation, with an option to add intuitive user capabilities, in order to design efficient processes. It allows to save time, gain more flexibility throughout the development phase, in addition to bringing a rational approach to optimize production processes.

“We are pleased to have caught the attention of Bpifrance and the Greater East Region for their ‘Investments for the Future’ Program, which supports innovative and ambitious projects,” says Roger-Marc Nicoud, founder and president of Ypso-Facto. “We are more than ever convinced that there is a need to bring a completely new offering of chemical and biotechnological process design tools to the market, for the challenges are enormous. We devote ourselves to it with passion and energy.”

This new investment is in line with the development plans of the company, which had already marketed ChromWorks, a software application for chromatographic processes, in 2015. In addition, the company launched an innovation program of €1.5 million at the end of 2016. This program, aimed at developing simulation software adapted to fine chemicals and biotechnologies, allowed the design of Ypso-Proxima®, the development of which will be continued thanks to the new financing, ahead of the commercial launch scheduled for the second half of 2019.

Ypso-Facto obtained the grant as part of the Be Est Projets d’Avenir program, which aims to accelerate the emergence and development of promising companies in their respective fields, while creating opportunities and jobs with high added value in the Grand Est Region.