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Azelis opens new smoke production facility in Denmark

Azelis, a leading distributor of specialty chemicals and food ingredients, is pleased to announce it has opened a new extraction and distillation plant to produce smoke flavors. Azelis sells its smoke flavors under the well-established Scansmoke® brand.

The new plant, developed with Azelis’ proprietary extraction technology, consists of distillation columns, storage, blending, a laboratory and office facilities covering a surface of 6,500 m2. It is located in an industrial area close to the city of Copenhagen and in the proximity of the airport.

Highlights & rationale

  • Azelis’ new facility is one of the few units in the world producing highly concentrated smoke flavors.
  • The use of Scansmoke® allows producers to optimize their production process and gives them the possibility to create a smoky undertone in a wide range of food applications, making it possible to reduce the addition of salt in the final recipe.
  • The proprietary extraction and distillation facility contributes to Azelis’ sustainability commitments as it not only runs on bio-based feeds but also incorporates a sophisticated downstream system which handles and minimizes waste.

The design of the new plant is based on Azelis’ proprietary technology and the key operations of distillation and extraction are fully automated. The Azelis smoke facility is furthermore one of the few units in the world producing highly concentrated smoke flavors. The storage building of the facility allows easy navigation through the raw materials and finished products and is set up to facilitate accurate and fast quarterly counts from different locations in the storage unit. The lab area of the facility will be used for quality control of batch samples. All food safety and cleaning procedures are in place, and the facility is currently in the process of implementing FSSC 22000 food safety certification.

Gert Schnoor, Managing Director at Azelis Nordic, states:

“Azelis was one of the pioneers in Scandinavia to manufacture and introduce Scansmoke® flavorings to the marketplace. We are now very proud to open our new smoke facility where we will serve our customers in the best way possible while offering a safe, efficient and pleasant place to work for our experienced team. Our facility is well-equipped to accommodate regular customer visits and audits on customer request. The new facility is also aligned with Azelis’ group wide sustainability commitments as it offers a waste handling system and the possibility to segregate waste streams. With such a large production site, we are excited for the future growth of Scansmoke® as we see significantly more business opportunities to serve.”

Smoke flavorings continue to be popular and chefs all over the world enthuse about smoke flavors. For many years, tailor-made smoke flavors have been used to replace traditional ones from traditional smoke facilities. These traditional facilities have a much larger ecological impact and are based on smokes which inherently also carry fractions of aromatics; compounds which are associated with negative health implications. Smoke flavorings are widely applied in the flavor and food blender industry for large range of flavors and spice blends. In some dishes, smoke flavorings, for example, can add a smoky note to the final food product, making it possible to reduce the addition of salt in the final recipe. The use of Scansmoke® allows producers to optimize their production process and reduce bottlenecks in the production site. Traditional smoking can result in differences in the appearance of finished products while Scansmoke® always gives the same results as Azelis has standardized the taste and color in its products. Customers can achieve higher yields due to reduced production time, produce a healthier smoke flavor and also save money as the atomizing units have low power consumption compared to smoke generators.

Healthier, safer and tastier food made with honest ingredients shape consumer demands today. Azelis is a leader in supplying food manufacturers around the world with high quality food ingredients, effective auxiliary materials, and a wide range of additives to help create the desired taste, texture, performance and appearance for food, health and nutritional products. With its Scansmoke® products, Azelis offers customers safe and trendy smoke flavors which can open a tasty world of opportunities. All smoke flavors manufactured in the Danish factory are approved by the EU Commission for safe use. All products are moreover kosher and halal certified and there is no use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the raw materials nor in the finished products.