Brenntag North America in new partnership with StanChem Polymers

Brenntag North America, part of Brenntag Group, has announced a new partnership with StanChem Polymers for the distribution of emulsion polymers in the US adhesive, coating, elastomer, and sealant (ACES) market.

From its 30-acre manufacturing and R&D center in Connecticut, StanChem Polymers celebrates 50 years of supplying emulsion polymers for a variety of industries including paints and coatings, adhesives, paper and packaging, building products, textiles, and non-wovens.

“The StanChem product line of acrylics, styrene-acrylics and vinyl acetate acrylics resin emulsions is an exciting addition to our ACES portfolio,” said Ted Davlantes, ACES Director for Brenntag North America. “Representing StanChem nationally will enable our team of technical sales professionals to meet the demands of our customers looking to develop new products and reformulate existing waterborne formulas. The addition of the StanChem line underscores Brenntag’s commitment to investing in key strategic principal partnerships and providing differentiated value to our customers.”

New emulsion polymers include:

  • SC 6933: hydrophobic small particle size ambient cure self-crosslinking acrylic for deck sealers
  • SC 6686: acrylic for concrete admixtures with controlled cure
  • SC 6477: alkali swellable acrylic for architectural and industrial coatings
  • SC 6261: acrylic for architectural applications with outstanding dirt pick up resistance
  • SC 6763: acrylic with acrylonitrile backbone monomer delivering outstanding chemical/ fuel resistance for demanding industrial and maintenance applications requiring high flexibility and toughness
  • PF 030: translucent acrylic (less than 100nm particle size) for wood applications

“StanChem Polymers is embarking on a new era with development of emulsion polymers, as a result of significant investment in R&D and plant capacity from our new owners (Artemis Capital Partners). Using the ‘Voice of our Customer’ as our guide, we are excited to systematically expand our R&D and plant capabilities and capacity, to continue to deliver top-quality emulsion polymers to our existing customers, and also working with Brenntag for our new customer opportunities,” stated Paul Stenson, PhD, President and CEO of StanChem Polymers.

StanChem Polymers and the Brenntag team will work collaboratively with its customers to bring ideas, expertise, and solutions to every stage of the commercialization process.