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Christeyns opens doors for a future in manufacturing

As part of Bradford Manufacturing Week, thirty Year 10 to 12 students (aged 14 to 17) from local schools experienced a’ day in the life’ at specialist chemicals firm Christeyns, finding out what really happens in a manufacturing business.
Over three days last week the students took part in a unique event set up to inspire and educate young people on the career opportunities and possibilities available in the manufacturing industry.
Taking a lead from the popular BBC programme The Apprentice, the students from Hanson Academy, the Bradford Forster Academy and Keighley College were split into teams and given a brief to produce a washing up liquid.  The task involved a variety of elements including market research,  purchasing raw materials, developing marketing materials and preparing a sales plan.  At the end of the day the teams presented their ideas in the board room.
Samuel Smith, a student at Hanson Academy said:  “The day at Christeyns felt like a real work day experience, like I had a real job for the day. I feel like I now have a head start over other students as I have some real work experience.”
The students had a full tour of the facilities at Christeyns’ headquarters,  allowing them to get a taste of the many, varied functions within the business.  Meeting managers and staff throughout the day, there was also the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about job roles.
 “I became interested in manufacturing after watching TV shows.  It seemed very male dominated and I felt more girls should get involved, ” said Katie Lazenby a student at Bradford Forster Academy.  “At Christeyns I enjoyed getting involved and making our own washing detergents.  It’s a good company where everyone gets on with each other and are willing to help each other out.”
As well as work experience days, Christeyns also provided a series of Factory Tours during the week for schools and students wanting to just take a look around a manufacturing environment and explore what goes on behind the factory gates. Across the region the event involved over 2000 students, 40 Manufacturing Businesses and provided thousands of work experience activities for the area’s manufacturing industry workforce of the future.