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Clariant: It's time for a hair care revolution!

Regardless of which continent you live on, it would seem that hair, our fascinatingly complex and vulnerable natural crown of beauty, is not able to stand up to the lifestyle and physical stresses we subject it to, or to the everyday elements of sun, wind, pollution and salt surrounding us. Latest market research highlights that more than 50% of consumers globally consider their hair damaged, dry, or limp and lifeless. This presents an exciting opportunity for the hair care industry to address unresolved needs, yet the market is yet to step up to the challenge.
Analysis of consumers from Brazil, China, France, India and the USA by Clariant, a leading supplier for hair care ingredients, and market research agency Kantar TNS, has concluded that there are clearly differentiated segments of dry and damaged hair. The three main consumer segments include heavily damaged hair due to chemical treatments, naturally dry hair due to everyday elements, and thin, limp and lifeless hair, either due to stressful lifestyle, or genetics, or ageing.
Backed by this awareness of global Hair Care concerns, Clariant has drawn on its expertise in hair care science to develop new hair conditioning ingredients with very specific performance profiles to target these consumer problems. The new generation of conditioning ingredients makes its debut at in-cosmetics Global 2018 Booth H90.
For the first time in hair care history, the specialized solutions overcome conventional quats limitation to allow the development of individualized products for very damaged, dry and lifeless hair. This not only responds to the general consumer desire for customized hair and beauty products, it also opens new possibilities in the formulation landscape as they can be used to generate new hair care formats which, until now, have been very restricted if not unavailable. For example, a fully natural conditioner matching the performance of traditional products, or solid conditioner bars specifically for consumers needing conditioning but not wanting to lose the hair volume.
At in-cosmetics Global, Clariant will present innovative and most advanced conditioning ingredients and formulation samples to inspire formulators to create new hair conditioning products best suited to individual consumer needs.
“Meticulous research and a whole new scientific approach is yielding the potential to revolutionize the global hair care market,” comments Katarzyna Kita, Global Application Development Manager at Clariant. “Formulators now have the chance to confront hair’s vulnerability head-on with fresh solutions to the stresses hair faces on a daily basis that also take into account the increasing preference at the consumer level for more environmentally-acceptable ingredients. We are looking forward to sharing the benefits of the new technologies, their mode of action and proof of performance related to hair revitalizing, repair and moisturization.”
Nobel Prize-inspired skin care
At Booth H90, Clariant also turns attention to skin care with several new active ingredients centered on emerging end-consumer needs in this market. This includes an exciting innovation inspired by the works of the 2017 Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology. Made from a natural plant extract, the new active ingredient will contribute to the protection of the cells’ biological rhythm to prevent the appearance of signs of skin fatigue.
Meet Clariant’s Personal Care and Active Ingredients teams at Booth H90 in-cosmetics Global 2018.