Cosmetics & Personal Care

Clariant showcases new beauty formulation delights at NYSCC Suppliers' Day

Clariant heads to the Big Apple this week with a fresh selection of ingredient innovations and advanced products to tempt North America’s beauty industry at the New York Society of Cosmetics Chemists Suppliers’ Day 2018.

Highlights at Booth #1125 include inspiring market-ready Personal Care products that use consumer-friendly ingredients in innovative ways to deliver the luxury and exciting experiences consumers crave. Also, visitors can look forward to a revolutionary new approach and novel formats to create moisturized, healthy hair with targeted conditioning performance. While for skin care, all eyes will be on a pioneering, award-winning skin care active ingredient to protect skin circadian rhythm disruption from external aggressors.

Essence by Clariant breaks formulation and market conventions in personal care products with the absence of controversial ingredients. All Essence formulations are made without using parabens, formaldehyde donor, MIT/CMIT, sulfates, betaines, silicones, petrolatum, or mineral oil. They also incorporate natural ingredients. They create the possibility for formulators and brand owners to go “free-from” and give consumers something they haven’t experienced before.

Genadvance hair conditioning ingredients confront hair’s vulnerability head-on, offering fresh solutions to the stresses hair faces on a daily basis. Besides excellent conditioning and detangling, for the first time in hair care history, the Genadvance specialized solutions overcome conventional quats limitations to allow the development of individualized products and hair care formats for the three segments of dry and damaged hair: heavily damaged hair due to chemical treatments, naturally dry hair due to everyday elements, and thin, lifeless hair, due to stressful lifestyle, genetics, or ageing.

B-Circadin is a ground-breaking cosmetic active skin care ingredient to fight the visible effects of disruption to the skin’s circadian rhythm by stressors in daily life. Developed by Clariant Active Ingredients, B-Circadin maintains the vital synchronization of the skin’s circadian cycle, rapidly improving the complexion while decreasing puffiness and the appearance of dark circles. B-Circadin is extracted from the Lespedeza Capitata plant, grown and harvested in South Korea where it is used for its medicinal properties.

B-Circadin is already being recognised for its effectiveness and uniqueness. Recently winning the Bronze Award at the 16th BSB European Innovation Prize for cosmetics, natural products and chemical raw materials held in Amsterdam on April 17, and was also shortlisted for the in-cosmetics Innovation Best Ingredients Awards.

To sample Clariant’s formulations and gain insight into all of its latest beauty developments, join the Clariant Personal Care and Active Ingredients team at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day 2018, Booth #1125, Javits Convention Center, New York City from May 15-16, 2018.