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Corbion launches natural mould inhibitor

Milestones in the evolving “clean label” trend occur when a natural solution can equal the efficacy of traditional synthetic solutions without undermining product quality. That’s happening now with the introduction of Corbion’s Verdad MP100, a combination of vinegar and natural flavour that matches the mould-inhibiting functionality and flavour neutrality of calcium propionate, a synthetic solution long relied upon by the baking industry to extend the shelf life of bread.

“Many bakers want to replace chemical preservatives, but they worry about losing shelf life or compromising flavour,” said Ashley Robertson, Market Manager-Bakery, at Corbion. “With Verdad MP100, they can have the shelf life and flavour they’re used to, as well as the simpler ingredient label so many consumers want today.”

The new, naturally derived preservative is not the first clean label mold inhibitor to reach the market, but it is the first to equal the performance of calcium propionate without adversely affecting product flavour. In sensory testing, panelists were equally split in preferring breads containing MP100 and calcium propionate, respectively, with only 17 percent preferring the competing solution.

“Corbion has been producing natural solutions for the food industry through fermentation technology for more than 80 years,” Robertson said, “and in developing Verdad MP100, we’ve created a truly clean-label mold inhibitor that doesn’t ask manufacturers to give up anything at all.”