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Croda applies for licence to use landfill gas as fuel source for new chemical plant

British ingredients company Croda has applied for a Coastal Zone permit to use landfill gas as a fuel source for its second heat and power system at its facility at Atlas Point. The gas, coming from neighboring Cherry Island Landfill, will replace imported natural gas for the new combined heat and power system, which will include a 2-megawatt, low emission generator and waste heat recovery system.

The new equipment will hook up to Croda’s current power supply, with the landfill gas being used to create heat for boiler feed and water, with excess heat from the system being used to create steam. In order to minimize noise, the system will be enclosed.

According to the application, the new system “will significantly reduce the amount of utility electric power purchased by the site.” With the system being built next to the current powerhouse building, the application also stated that it would ‘reduce emissions by recycling landfill gas that would otherwise be burned off and reducing the need for natural gas from utility companies.’