Cosmetics & Personal Care

SEQENS announces a new 45,000 tons ISOPROPANOL production facility.

The new ISOPROPANOL unit will be based on the Roussillon platform (Isere, France), a best-in-class platform in terms of competitiveness fully committed to a low carbon energy transition. The unit will have a capacity of 45 000 tons and is scheduled to come on stream early in 2022. It will guarantee domestic production, even in times of health crises, of one of the main solvents used in the production of intermediates and pharmaceutical active ingredients, as well as in hygiene, disinfection and sanitizing products (such as hydro-alcoholic solutions and gels).

Thanks to this investment, SEQENS will continue its downstream integration by offering a large range of ISOPROPANOL grades, from Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Technical, and very recently, Electronic and Biocide grades, to support our end-markets, as well our specialty solvents such as ISOPROPYL-ACETATE and DI- ISOPROPYL-ETHER.

Furthermore, this new unit will set a new standard for energy efficiency with a two-thirds reduction in energy consumption compared to the best international references and standards.

This new development will strengthen the Roussillon platform, where SEQENS is one of the main industrial players.