DKSH to initiate last phase of leadership transition in line with long-term strategy

DKSH Holding initiates the last phase of its leadership generation change in line with the long-term schedule. Its long-time CEO and current Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Joerg Wolle, will be handing over to a successor at the 2019 Annual General Meeting on 21 March 2019.

This will conclude the leadership change at the top of both the company and the Board of Directors, which was initiated by DKSH with due care and foresight three years ago. As already demonstrated during the search for and appointment of the new CEO, the company is setting the stage for a carefully planned search for a successor at an early stage. 
Dr. Joerg Wolle, Chairman of the Board of Directors states: “After twenty-eight years with the company, eighteen of these as its CEO, it was and is our goal to execute the necessary generational leadership change with great foresight and calm. We have to date succeeded in doing this, as confirmed and highly appreciated by the company’s shareholders and business partners. DKSH’s business activities are sensitive and also based ultimately on close networks built on trust over years and indeed decades in a region in which such personal networks are still of great significance. It has always been clear to me that, after an appropriate period of transition, I would hand over a paved way to my successor. This point in time has now come, giving the company ample time to appoint a successor. DKSH is on course for a successful future. As such, the future team has every opportunity to successfully shape our business, which means that I can retreat next spring, as planned.”
Dr. Wolle adds that he also sees this as a contribution to good corporate governance: “It can make sense for the former CEO to subsequently head the Board of Directors for a certain time, especially if continuity is of great importance as it is at DKSH. However, when all bridges are built and the course fully charted, time has come to allow for a complete change. This has always been my conviction, and I am adhering to it.”
The Board of DKSH Holding Ltd. has tasked the NCC, chaired by Adrian T. Keller, Honorary Chairman of the Board, to initiate the search for a successor to head the Board of Directors. Keller and Wolle will work closely together in this process as well as in the preparation and the handover of the responsibilities to a successor.