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Foremark Performance Chemicals Expands Triazine Production

HOUSTON-Foremark Performance Chemicals (“Foremark”) today announced it has completed an expansion of its triazine manufacturing operations at its La Porte, Texas plant. The capacity increase reflects strong customer demand growth from both higher shale oil and gas production in North America as well as Foremark’s strong value proposition. The expansion includes a new triazine reactor, increased storage and handling, and a doubling of truck and rail loading capacity.

“These investments showcase our ongoing commitment to innovate, drive long-term growth and meet the needs of our customers,” said Randy Owens, CEO of Foremark. “This expansion is squarely in line with our strategy and follows the recent opening of our Oil and Gas Product Development and Application Lab.”

Foremark, headquartered in League City, TX, is a leading supplier of triazine products, which are used for scavenging impurities found in a variety of products including crude oil, natural gas and liquefied natural gas. PureMark®, our innovative family of products, includes a broad range of high-performance amine-based scavengers such as MEA and MMA triazine formulations. PureMark triazines are highly effective hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide scavengers that eliminate toxic gases and maintain asset integrity. These products improve safety, protect equipment and ensure oil and gas products meet increasingly stringent specifications.