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Genomatica produces first 600 tons of Brontide Natural Butylene Glycol

Genomatica, a widely-recognized technology leader for bio-based chemicals, today announced large-scale commercial production of its Brontide™ butylene glycol. Over 600 tons of high-purity, naturally-sourced Brontide was produced in under five weeks and packaged in thousands of drums. Both quality and consistency were exceptional, with purity varying by less than 0.08%, across 21 production lots. This large volume of Brontide was eagerly welcomed by Genomatica’s marketing partners – Daicel, Azelis and Viachem – and by over 250 formulators that have received product samples to date to evaluate Brontide for use in their personal care and cosmetic products.

Brontide was first shipped to customers in mid-2017 and was quickly recognized with an ICIS Innovation Award later that year. Brontide is made from plant-based sugars, using Genomatica’s safe and sustainable fermentation-based process technology. To date, large-scale production of butylene glycol has relied on petroleum-based feedstocks; Genomatica is now providing a markedly better way for the personal care industry to address consumer demand for more natural ingredients and improved sustainability, while delivering the same performance as petroleum-based butylene glycol. For example, Brontide has 50% lower global warming potential than conventional butylene glycol, according to an independent, comprehensive lifecycle analysis (LCA). A summary of the LCA study was featured in the November 2018 issue of SOFW Journal, a publication targeting personal care and home care product formulators.

Genomatica produces Brontide at a Novamont fermentation-based production plant in Italy. Novamont, a longtime partner of Genomatica, has been producing sustainable materials at its European plants for many years. Not only is Brontide the only butylene glycol made directly from sugars in the world, it conforms to the ISO 16128 definition as a natural ingredient and is also the only butylene glycol produced in Europe.  

“The Brontide we’re showcasing today will support the product introductions being made by our first wave of customers,” said Damien Perriman, Genomatica’s senior vice president, Specialty Chemicals. “Genomatica knows how to produce bio-based, renewably-sourced ingredients on a large scale. That means formulators can make more natural products and differentiate themselves, and the personal care industry gains increased supply.”