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Ginkgo Bioworks marks 10 year anniversary with iGEM partnership

Today,  Ginkgo Bioworks, the organism design company, announced its commitment as a lead partner of the 2018 International Genetically Engineered Machine, also known as iGEM. The 10th anniversary of Ginkgo’s founding offers a time to reflect on the company’s successes and an opportunity to invest in and foster the future of synthetic biology. Including one of the founders and some of the first participants in iGEM, Ginkgo’s five co-founders have a long history with the organization and are excited to reconnect and give back to their roots.

“iGEM is cultivating the current and future leaders of synthetic biology and biotech,” said Jason Kelly, CEO and co-founder, Ginkgo Bioworks, iGEM ’04. “As early graduates ourselves, we’re humbled to now be in a position where we can give back in such a meaningful way to a partner that shares our values on technology, responsibility, and local action.”

iGEM is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of synthetic biology and the development of an open, collaborative scientific community. The iGEM competition is an annual, worldwide, synthetic biology event for high school, undergraduate, and overgraduate students to build genetically engineered systems. This year, the competition will bring over 6,000 participants from across the globe to explore and create unique applications of synthetic biology to bring positive contributions to their communities and society at large. Beyond the technology, participants are evaluated  on teamwork, responsibility, entrepreneurship, sharing, and safety.

“We’re so thrilled to be partnering with Ginkgo, a company that’s truly been here since the beginning of iGEM asking if synthetic biology is the future,” said Meagan Lizarazo, Vice President of iGEM. “Ginkgo has demonstrated that the power of synthetic biology is a hugely successful reality, and we’re honored that they’re able to contribute to the community that helped them launch. This support will bring about the future of iGEM and will help inspire students around the world to use biology as a technology. iGEM continues to drive the industry forward, and with Ginkgo’s help, will continue creating the workforce and leaders of the future.”