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Givaudan introduces new product development assistant based on AI

Inspired by the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, Givaudan Active Beauty took their digital strategy one step further by creating EVE, a new disruptive application for New Product Development (NPD). EVE’s intelligent matrix was conceived to rapidly identify the perfect match between a product brief and Givaudan Active Beauty’s exhaustive range of active cosmetic ingredients.

This one-of-a-kind application was designed to process the complex yet essential parameters of a customer product brief and to suggest rational choices aligning with all customer needs. EVE guides the user in her intuitive interface, allowing them to navigate through several criteria including the targeted consumer profile, the expected region of launch, their regulatory compliancy needs, the positioning of their product, its claims and alignment with market trends, the type of formula and the retail price range. EVE computes these diverse factors in her decision matrix and suggests the best ingredients matching the customers’ wish list. Once validated by the user, EVE creates a full summary of the NPD brief offering a holistic report on her suggestions which is sent by email.

As the digital revolution deeply impacts the beauty industry, Givaudan Active Beauty continues to respond by developing creative ways of working for our customers. Using Artificial Intelligence is a new avenue for innovation and simplifies the process for new and existing customers searching for specific cosmetic products.


Justine Catala, Digital Marketing Project Manager, said: “Digital is at the heart of our innovation strategy. In a fast moving environment, we bring the latest technologies to our customers to help them save time and speed up the product development process. EVE can already compute over two million options to make the lives of our customers easier and to let them focus on their business.”