GoBuyChem shapes successful partnerships at Fecc Annual Congress

GoBuyChem is heading to Nice this week for the Fecc Annual Congress – and just like the theme of the conference, the team will be looking to “shape successful partnerships” too. With the event highlighting the importance of adding value to the supply chain, GoBuyChem is confident its new white labelling initiative will do just that. The online distributor is now allowing third parties to license its proprietary platform and adapt it to include their own branding and products. The team will be available to explain the many benefits during the Fecc event from 4-6 June.

With the chemical industry keen to jump on the digitalization bandwagon, players are increasingly looking at developing their own solutions. Yet while a digital future is inevitable, this could itself pose problems. Not only will the companies themselves face high development costs and challenges but users will likely have to grapple with numerous types of website, designs, content and complexity.

GoBuyChem CEO Bharat Bhardwaj suggests such a segmented approach could deter people from using the services and fully benefitting from digital technologies. Besides which, he adds, simply waiting until the larger distributors and producers launch their own platforms may see the rest of the market left in their wake.

Bhardwaj’s vision is for GoBuyChem to become the industry standard and accessible to all – an easy-to-understand platform developed by a distributor for distributors, that simplifies the buying and selling process.

“Our licensing option aims to promote an industry standard model. Only with such an industry standard will digitalization succeed,” he says. “Since this product is being licensed throughout the chemical industry, the whole navigation process will be familiar to all users, and they will therefore be more open to using it. We want to ensure that all sellers are on a level playing field.”

To guarantee compliance with the recently-introduced GDPR legislation, all data is kept on the licensee’s own servers and will not be shared with any third party. The suppliers are in complete control, adds Bhardwaj. They will post their own chemicals, on their own platform and invite their own clients to buy from it. Should they wish, they can link their site with GoBuyChem at any time to reach an even broader marketplace, he says.