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Henkel launches Nature Box brand

Henkel is extending its Beauty Care portfolio with the launch of Nature Box, a new brand that combines effective beauty care with cold pressed oils and certain sustainably-sourced ingredients. With five product lines featuring cold pressed oils, Nature Box hair and body care products are vegan, and many are created without the trending consumer ingredient topics of interest such as sulfates, silicones, parabens, and artificial colorants. In addition, Nature Box ingredients are packaged and labelled to encourage consumer recycling.

Cold pressed oil technology
Nature Box’s five product lines feature oils extracted from the heart of fruits and nuts by a process called cold pressing. Cold pressing oils involves exerting pressure, without using excessive heat, so that the natural oils are released from the ingredients. Cold pressing involves no chemicals and no hot processes. The cold pressed oils in Nature Box products are neither refined nor processed. Nature Box products are made with 100% cold pressed oil from coconuts, avocados, apricots, almonds, and macadamia nuts.

“Nature Box formulas with cold pressed oils help keep the skin from drying out, and are nourishing and refining, making skin and hair both healthy looking and soft,” said Xenia Barth, Vice President, Marketing. “Nature Box meets a host of beauty needs from the tips of your hair down to the pores of your skin, so you can “unbox” the very best of you!”

A leader in sustainability
Nature Box also furthers Henkel’s sustainability initiatives. “A product’s origin and production should be as transparent and sustainable as possible,” said Martina Spinatsch, Vice President R&D, Beauty Care North America. “Nature Box reflects our commitment here at Henkel to uphold these important values.”

To support this ideology, Nature Box cooperates with international development organizations and supports farmers in sustainably cultivating raw materials. In India, Nature Box supports the producer Solvay and the non-profit organization TechnoServe in sustainably cultivating guar, a raw ingredient in Nature Box products, derived from the guar bean. In addition, Henkel also collaborates with the development organization Solidaridad in several countries, including Nigeria, to produce sustainable palm oil, an ingredient used in Nature Box.

When it comes to packaging, Nature Box supports Henkel’s commitment to encourage consumer recycling. All Nature Box packages include a How2Recycle label, to provide consistent and transparent on-package recycling information to the public. Additionally, for the majority of the Nature Box line, twenty-five percent of packaging is made from post-consumer recycled plastic. More information on How2Recycle can be found at