Corporate Responsibility

Hershey invests US$500 million in sustainable cocoa strategy

The Hershey Company has launched a new initiative focusing on a long-term strategy for sustainable cocoa where US$500 million will be invested by 2030 to nourish children, elevate youth, build prosperous communities, educate farmers and preserve natural ecosystems.

The initiative – Cocoa For Good – is the confectionery giant’s holistic cocoa sustainability strategy addressing the most pressing issues facing cocoa-growing communities: poverty, poor nutrition, at-risk youth, and vulnerable ecosystems. It’s part of Hershey’s mission to create a world where cocoa farmers and their families can live healthy, prosperous lives; where cocoa communities and where ecosystems thrive for generations to come.

Hershey is the latest big cocoa player to introduce a sustainable strategy as environmental groups, media organizations and of course, the all-important consumer pays closer attention to the issue of cocoa farming, where the ingredients for chocolate come from and exactly how cocoa is sourced.

“A sustainable cocoa supply depends on a multi-stakeholder collaborative approach to finding solutions to the social, environmental and economic challenges facing cocoa-growing communities,” said Susanna Zhu, Chief Procurement Officer. “As a critical player in the cocoa value chain, we are committed to doing our part. The Hershey Company has been partnering with key stakeholders in the cocoa sector for more than 100 years. Under Cocoa For Good, we continue to work toward a future where there’s a long-term, sustainable cocoa supply, the natural environment is protected, and we are creating better lives for everyone. It’s good for the cocoa farmers, families, communities, chocolate consumers and the success of our business.”