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Imbibe launches line of clean label flavour masking ingredients

Imbibe has launched a line of clean-label flavour masking ingredients for food and beverages, called NonSense.
Imbibe’s proprietary NonSense technology is a natural flavour that blocks off-notes and suppresses the perception of unwanted taste attributes. NonSense has been specifically designed to address the taste challenges commonly associated with ingredients like natural, non-nutritive sweeteners, proteins, vitamins, minerals and functional ingredients.

NonSense is comprised of natural flavouring materials that are FEMA GRAS, and is also organic compliant, Non-GMO and has no regulatory limitations on usage level. It contains no synthetic ingredients, and it is listed as a natural flavour on an ingredient statement, compatible with clean label formulations.

“We’ve experienced the remarkable impact of NonSense when formulating with plant, nut and seed milk, plant and whey proteins and stevia and monk fruit,” said Aparna Oak, Director of Flavour Innovation at Imbibe. “This is only the beginning. We plan to grow the product line and make it customizable for different applications.”

NonSense was developed in conjunction with other ingredient technologies like SweetSense, Imbibe’s proprietary clean label, zero calorie sweetness enhancer. Imbibe will be launching more flavor enhancing and modulating technologies throughout the year, which it says improve a product’s taste and mouthfeel without marring the ingredient statement.