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Improving sustainability in commercial laundry

Syrris provides award-winning chemistry products to a range of research and development chemists and engineers, including Xeros Technology Group, a company specializing in novel and sustainable polymer solutions to advance the commercial laundry industry.

Robert Bird, R&D Project Manager at Xeros, explained: “One of our missions at Xeros is to improve the sustainability of industrial laundry washing by providing technologies that dramatically reduce water consumption. I work within the polymer development team, where we have produced novel XOrb beads. These spheroidal balls can be added to a wash load to create a gentle mechanical action, helping to remove dirt and stains using less detergent and at lower temperatures, which saves water and reduces cost.”

“We have been using Syrris’ Orb Pilot – a modular jacketed reactor – to aid development of our XOrb beads since early 2018, and it has increased our production capabilities immensely. This system allows us to produce XOrb beads in the volumes required for use in large industrial washing machines, rather than having to manufacture many smaller batches to yield the necessary quantities, as we did previously. In the space of a week, we can now produce more XOrb beads than we could have done in two years without the Orb Pilot system! Syrris also helped with the design of a customized stirrer, as well as adaptations to the gearbox and motor of the Orb Pilot, which gave us confidence that the setup would be suitable for our requirements. We are extremely happy with our current setup from Syrris and the improved scalability it offers for our XOrb bead production.”