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INEOS Oxide announces an expansion of dipropylene glycol (DPG) capacity

INEOS Oxide is progressing plans to expand Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) capacity at its site in Köln Germany. DPG is used as a solvent and scent carrier in the fragrance and laundry industries, as well as a component of speciality plasticizers and unsaturated polyester resins. INEOS manufactures DPG today as part of its propylene oxide and glycol portfolio.

The company confirmed yesterday that it has started the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and expects to complete the engineering studies during the course of 2018. Currently, construction of the plant is expected to start in 2019 with start-up planned for early 2020.

“This is an important project for INEOS’ propylene oxide and glycol business”, said Santiago Ciruelos, Business Manager for Propylene Oxide/Propylene Gylcols. “We have seen significant increased demand for DPG from our customers and we are excited to find opportunities to support their growth.”