Cosmetics & Personal Care

IOI Oleo offers coconut-based MCT

In an effort to go one step further in the production of natural and sustainable personal care ingredients, German based IOI Oleo developed a quality of MCT (INCI: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride) that is 100% coconut based. Reacting to an increasing demand for non-palm based raw materials in the Personal Care industry IOI Oleo is offering the following coconut-based qualities within the WITARIX MCT range: WITARIX MCT (60/40), WITARIX MCT Organic (certified organic: 82,3%), WITARIX MCT pure Organic (certified organic 100%).

With these coconut-based grades IOI Oleo is complementing its range of MCT that already comprises conventional, palm-based qualities. All palm-based raw materials in the IOI Oleo portfolio are available as RSPO MB grade. However, in recent years many players in the industry try to avoid palm-based raw materials at all. In order to meet this requirement IOI Oleo has developed its palm-free MCT as well as other 100% natural and non-palm based products for different segments (Hair Conditioning Agent, Preservative Booster, Emulsifier, Emollients).