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Itaconix expands portfolio of naturally-derived polymers

Itaconix has expands its portfolio of naturally-derived polymers based on the patented polyitacontoate technology platform.

Using a patented technology with highly efficient green processes and minimal impact on the environment, Itaconix offers novel and high performing functional ingredients to support natural claims in the cosmetics market. Following the successful commercialization of RevCare NE 100S, the first styling polymer to receive COSMOS approval from ECOCERT Greenlife, Itaconix has expanded the portfolio to include RevCare HP and RevCare MC-XD. 

“We are delighted to be promoting at in-cosmetics Global yet another COSMOS approved functional ingredient,” said Louise Crascall, chief commercial officer. “The hair styling market is dominated by synthetic polymers and our sustainable production process, breakthrough economics and excellent performance, finally gives formulators a real alternative choice”. 

RevCare HP has been proven to protect the hair cuticle from damage during hot iron styling and also reduces the relative drying time when using a hair dryer, compared to other heat protection polymers on the market.

RevCare MC-XD was designed to be easy to use in a variety of deodorant and personal care formulations.  The product eliminates unpleasant malodours by bonding with odour volatile components.  Because of the mode of action, RevCare MC-XD will not constrict pores or inhibit perspiration and has no affect on the skins own natural microbiome.  It can also be used to remove malodour formed after the use certain personal care treatments, such as thiols from perms or hair removal treatments.