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J&J reveals fragrance ingredients in babycare products

Consumer goods multinational, Johnson & Johnson (J&J), has announced that it will disclose all ingredients in its babycare products. This includes disclosing fragrance ingredients, down to 0.01% of content. But for all other ingredients the company has not set a disclosure threshold.

The effort is part of a relaunch of the multinational’s babycare range, which was announced on 1st August. It covers products sold in the US, China, Canada and India, but J&J says the transparency initiative will eventually be rolled out everywhere its babycare products are sold.

Fragrance ingredients will be listed on the products’ webpages but not on the labels. Some product pages – such as for the brand’s baby lotion and baby shampoo – already give the fragrance content. J&J’s relaunch announcement does not detail when the company plans to release full ingredient lists for all products in the babycare range. 

J&J also disclosed online the fragrance palette it uses for its baby product line. The company says it avoided known and potential allergens in its new formulas.