Cosmetics & Personal Care

Léa Nature to double cosmetics production capacity in two years

The Léa Nature group will open a new €20 million production site dedicated to its cosmetics business in early 2019. The plant has been fully designed in accordance with environmental criteria, and it will help the French leader of organic and natural cosmetics reach a production capacity of 40 million units per year by 2021. This represents a doubling of current capacity.

In designing the new plant, the group imposed specific criteria to minimize the production environmental impact. Most building materials were ecologically friendly: linoleum floors made of natural fibres, without PVC, or wooden floors, natural paints, and LED lighting.

To minimize water consumption, the group buit a three-floor osmosis facility to produce 1,500 litres/hour of purified water, while minimizing discharge to the sewer. Rinsing cycles, wastewater recovery, and pasteurization are all optimized. It is anticipated that osmosis optimization will save 500 m3 of water per year, and 1,000 m3 will be saved as part of the cleaning process.

Designed to evolve and grow, the plant will be opened in January 2019, and will start operating in April.