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Natural Sourcing introduces laurel berry oil

Natural Sourcing is introducing Laurel Berry Oil (Laurus Nobilis (Laurel) Oil) into its ethically sourced product range of over 500 certified organic and conventional natural ingredients for personal care product development.

“We believe Laurel Berry Oil will lend itself readily to innovative formulations for intensive moisturisers,” said Kibby Mitra, chief executive officer of Natural Sourcing. “Our Laurel Berry Oil has a rich consistency and is remarkably helpful in soothing severely dry, flaky skin, and other problematic skin issues.”

Natural Sourcing Laurel Berry Oil is produced through a traditional process of boiling laurel berries until the seeds and pulp separate. The nutritive oil then floats to the top of the water and is carefully collected and packaged to maintain the purity, freshness and properties of this traditionally produced, nutritive oil.