Cosmetics & Personal Care

Natural Sourcing makes addition to naturals range

Natural Sourcing has introduced Chokeberry Seed Oil into its catalogue of certified organic and conventional natural ingredients for personal care product development.

“Chokeberry Seed Oil absorbs rapidly and serves as a versatile, nutritive oil within a wide array of cosmetic, personal care and aromatherapy applications,” said Kibby Mitra, CEO of Natural Sourcing. “It is a primarily polyunsaturated oil that helps to soften, soothe and protect the skin, leaving it feeling nourished and hydrated. It is well suited for sensitive, parched, dry, itchy, mature and problem skin types. Within scalp and hair care applications, Chokeberry Seed Oil helps to condition and restore vitality to the scalp and normal, dry and damaged hair.” 

Natural Sourcing’s Chokeberry Seed Oil is expeller pressed and filtered. The Aronia melanocarpa shrub produces small chokeberries that are encased in a skin that is dark purple to black in hue. When consumed raw, the berries are extremely tart, thus lending to its chokeberry nickname. These astringent, flavourful, polyphenol-rich berries are commonly used in jams, syrups, wines, juices, tisanes, flavourings and other culinary applications.