Corporate Responsibility

Natura's Body Shop unveils koala protection plan

The Body Shop, owned by Natura (Brasil) International, has it’s sights set on protecting koalas in Australia’s Queensland forests.

Destruction of Queensland’s forest is contributing to the demise of one of the country’s iconic animal symbols. Therefore, through its World Bio-Bridges Mission, The Body Shop has partnered with ngos Koala Crusaders and The Noosa Biosphere Community to restore 750 hectares of forest in Noosa, Queensland.

Simon Locke, International Environmental Sustainability Manager at The Body Shop, said, “Through our Re-Wilding programme our aim is to make a substantial difference to some of the planet’s richest and most diverse areas. With the support of local charity partners, we’re dedicated to raising awareness of the extreme loss of biodiversity our world and forests are facing and to provide a truly long-lasting impact to the habitats and species which need it most.”

Additionally, The Body Shop will be working on a new project in Kyrgyzstan with conservation charity Fauna and Flora International to support 400 hectares of forest restoration. The organizations hope to educate local communities on sustainable living and farming methods.

Since the project launched in 2016, The Body Shop has been involved in campaigns across Vietnam, India, Indonesia and Malaysia, and is said to have protected 41 million m2 of forest.