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New Sensormatic label helps tackle theft of beauty products

Tyco Retail Solutions is tackling beauty product theft with the release of a new label. The Sensormatic Health, Beauty & Cosmetics (HBC) Label has been designed to fit products that were too thin and narrow for traditional anti-theft labels. The label uses Acousto-Magnetic EAS Sensormatic technology, which provides reliable detection and consistent deactivation at the point-of-sale.

Catherine Walsh, SVP and General Manager at Tyco Retail Solutions, said: “Today, customers want to try before they buy and can easily access items when they want them. So that’s why offering samples and moving products out on shelves and closer to shoppers versus behind counters is the new way of selling beauty. To support this change in retailing, the Sensormatic HBC Label is an ideal solution to help retailers protect what is currently unprotected – thin and narrow profile products – while consumers take the experience into their own hands to play, try and learn before they buy.”

The product is available in black or white, and can be applied to products at the point of manufacturing.