Cosmetics & Personal Care

New sustainable, renewable, naturally-derived alkane

Jeen International has launched Jeechem NDA, a new emollient that acts as a functional replacement to all synthetic/petrochemical derived alkanes.

Jeechem NDA is colourless and odourless, and is compatible with silicones, UV filters, and most lipophilic ingredients. It is a high purity tetradecane hydrocarbon derived from all-natural raw materials that are renewable, sustainable, and completely biodegradable.

The new emollient combines unique characteristics of being simultaneously natural, dry, volatile, and light and fresh and can be formulated into body care products (including face and eye area), sun care products, all colour/decorative cosmetics, and hair care products. Its volatile nature makes it fast absorbing with a light feel and a pleasant dry end feel. This low viscosity non-polar fast spreading emollient is also highly resistant to oxidation, even in extreme pH range environments.