Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability Consult develops audit to measure credibility

Sustainability Consult has launched the Credibility Audit, a brand new process to measure the credibility of a business, its claims and its story. It draws on the company’s experience and passion for credibility and sustainability.

Kathryn Sheridan, CEO of Sustainability Consult said, “Making claims about sustainability can be risky. After ten years of running our business, we know there’s no one simple way to make a business or product more sustainable. It’s complicated, sometimes even contradictory and can be more nuanced than most frameworks allow for. Despite your best efforts, you can’t always get it right. The Credibility Audit is the next step in our commitment to helping companies make real change.”

The Credibility Audit process assesses the credibility of businesses and their claims, giving both a score and tailored recommendations, supported throughout by expert consultancy. It is essentially a stress test which exposes vulnerabilities and potential impacts to a company’s credibility and reputation.