Water Treatment

Veolia’s technology to treat an emerging pollutant - metaldehyde

We have secured a contract with Trant Engineering Ltd, to deliver a new compact treatment stream for Affinity Water to supply an Actiflo Carb, at their water treatment works for the removal of metaldehyde from their water. The plant abstracts water from a number of boreholes which contain varying levels of pesticides especially metaldehyde, which is a pesticide used for slug control. Metaldehyde is found in many UK water sources resulting in potential risk of non-compliance with the Water Quality Regulations who have set a maximum concentration of 0.1μg/l.

During a stringent procurement process, which involved a number of rigorous trials over various time periods, Veolia was able to prove its technologies’ ability to cope with the different water qualities and contaminates first-hand. Veolia will supply a prefabricated Actiflo AS5 Carb and Multiflo MS1 FE lamella thickener technologies together with Actisand and powdered activated carbon storage and dosing equipment to treat this emerging pollutant, metaldehyde.

This will be the first Actiflo® Carb installed within the UK, and the first for Veolia globally which is specifically designed for the removal of metaldehyde and will be one of the very few metaldehyde removal plants in the UK Municipal market.