Water Treatment

WRF solicits more proposals for research related to water reuse

The Water Research Foundation (WRF) is seeking two more research projects from qualified applicants for integrated water management strategies in water reuse. The WRF, which was formed in January 2018 after the merger of the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation and Water Research Foundation, released five request for proposal (RFPs) for potable reuse research in August this year.

First research, titled Considerations and Blending Strategies for Drinking Water System Integration with Alternative Water Supplies (4953), seeks to recognise and evaluate impacts of different water supplies on the water quality of end users’ existing drinking water systems with known issues of tuberculation.

WRF noted that the research outcome will assist in creating a better understanding of the potential impacts and considerations of integrating advanced treated water into drinking water systems. It will help to deal with issues related to blending high quality advanced treated water with raw water and treated drinking water.

The second study, titled Developing a New Foundational Understanding of SAR-Soil Structure Interactions to Provide Management Options for Recycled Water Use in Agriculture (4963), seeks to get a better understanding of sodium absorption ration (SAR)/electro-conductivity (EC) interactions between recycled water and specific soil parameters.

The results will provide how SAR/EC interacts with soils and help develop updated management recommendations about regarding irrigation with recycled waters.

The proposals can be submitted by technically qualified applicants such as educational institutions and research organisations both from the US and overseas. WRF noted that the proposals should be prepared and submitted in accordance with its guidelines. The deadline for submitting both the proposals is 25 October.